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Kickstarter Roundup: Mar 26, 2017 39 Ending Soon (incl: Elder Dice, Village Attacks, & Long Live The Queen) & 38 New This Week (incl: The Grimm Forest, Badass Riders, & Prince's Gambit)

2017.03.26 10:13 Zelbinian Kickstarter Roundup: Mar 26, 2017 39 Ending Soon (incl: Elder Dice, Village Attacks, & Long Live The Queen) & 38 New This Week (incl: The Grimm Forest, Badass Riders, & Prince's Gambit)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
Orc and Goblin Miniatures: The Gods of War 3dArtDigital wants to create Orc and Goblin miniatures with interchangeable armor, weapons, and accessories as multi-part model kits. (Has currently earned $6,813 of $1,300) 524% funded 97 $70 03-27 kicktraq #minis
Tavern Masters - Extended Print Run Tavern Masters is an exciting new card game for 1 to 6 players. Already printing, help us print enough for distribution! (Has currently earned $23,864 of $6,500) 367% funded 416 $57 03-27 kicktraq
The Supershow - the Takeover: Unpredictable Wrestling Action SRG Universe invites you to Join us for a Spectacle so GRAND, it can only be called the Supershow! Gen Con's most exciting event. (Has currently earned $16,077 of $10,000) 160% funded 170 $95 03-27 kicktraq #reprint bgg
Valhalla in the Fall 2017 After a successful run of Valhalla in the Fall 2016, Wargamer Girl is hosting Valhalla in the Fall again this year! (Has currently earned $30,801 of $33,000) 93% funded 20 $1540 03-27 kicktraq #con
Lawless Empire Control the dice, control your opponents. (Has currently earned $9,022 of $7,000) 128% funded 90 $100 03-28 kicktraq #take2
Glyph Choose your champions, master the mysterious glyphs, and vanquish your foes in this exciting dice-building and manipulation game. (Has currently earned $28,476 of $24,500) 116% funded 413 $69 03-28 kicktraq #take3
The Last Garden - Robotanists in the Post-Apocalypse. A board game where players control groups of Robotanists making a beautiful artificial garden in the wastelands of the post-apocalypse. (Has currently earned $21,969 of $9,800) 224% funded 600 $37 03-29 kicktraq
Elder Dice - Lovecraftian themed dice for all tabletop games Designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized eldritch spell book boxes! (Has currently earned $207,316 of $27,000) 767% funded 3805 $54 03-29 kicktraq #dice
Atlantis Miniatures: 28mm Dwarf Miniatures A collection of highly detailed Resin Dwarf Miniatures in 28mm scale! (Has currently earned £33,709 of £12,000) 280% funded 289 £117 03-29 kicktraq #minis
The Pirate Republic A swashbuckling board-game adventure for 1–5 players eager for pirates, pillage, and plunder on the high seas of the Spanish Main. (Has currently earned $83,727 of $29,000) 288% funded 921 $91 03-29 kicktraq #take2
A-CASE+ Miniature Wargaming Carrying/Display Case Tired of models breaking after storing them in foam trays inside big and clumsy carrying cases? Look no further, A-Case+ is here! (Has currently earned $129,713 of $15,000) 864% funded 1649 $79 03-29 kicktraq #bling
Shelter Shelter is a game of survival in a warzone - Powered by the Apocalypse and exclusive to Kickstarter (Has currently earned £635 of £500) 127% funded 57 £11 03-29 kicktraq #rpg
Solid Silver & Copper Dice -The Ultimate RPG Metal Game Dice Premium Handcrafted, "Old World" Dice made out of SOLID, Silver & Copper! Your choice of Skull, Dragon, Roman, Viking, & other Designs! (Has currently earned $4,174 of $2,500) 166% funded 61 $68 03-30 kicktraq #dice
Cauldron Master - A deduction & set collection witch game! Social deduction, push your luck and set collection in a beautifully illustrated game. What will you brew in your cauldron? (Has currently earned £8,599 of £3,850) 223% funded 361 £24 03-30 kicktraq
Urban Tribes Urban Tribes is a strategy board game where hipsters, preppies, rednecks, and soccer parents compete for control of a fictional town. (Has currently earned $12,357 of $5,000) 247% funded 146 $85 03-30 kicktraq
Destination: Neptune Second Edition The game you wanted Destination: Neptune to be! We're proud to be able this brand new version at an exceptional value! (Has currently earned $3,682 of $3,000) 122% funded 106 $35 03-30 kicktraq #2.0 1st ed
Color Quest Season 1 Color Quest is the new miniatures game based on Color Warz licence. Take control of Oak and his Khromaz or of the Ronin and his minions (Has currently earned €6,199 of €5,000) 123% funded 52 €119 03-30 kicktraq
Robots, Drones, Cybers 28mm miniatures sci-fi alien scenery This is my 5th Kickstarter and the largest offering of individual parts to date and the usual big piles and cheap prices. (Has currently earned $9,221 of $1,000) 922% funded 130 $71 03-30 kicktraq #minis
Archon Classic - Board Game Battle your freinds in this epic board game inspired by the 1983's Archon Gameplay. (Has currently earned $515 of $1,000) 51% funded 6 $86 CAD 03-30 kicktraq
Long Live The Queen Plot to seize the throne in this dynamic game for 2 players. Choose anime or dieselpunk and help us republish this japanese gem! (Has currently earned $41,012 of $10,000) 410% funded 1493 $27 03-30 kicktraq
Satanic Panic A tabletop RPG about fighting the greatest threat known to mankind ... tabletop. (Has currently earned $22,250 of $10,000) 222% funded 465 $48 03-30 kicktraq #rpg
Monster Quest Monster Quest is dungeons and dragons meets chess fused with trading cards. Bring monsters to life cast magic spells and forge weapons. (Has currently earned $229 of $200) 114% funded 3 $76 CAD 03-31 kicktraq
*Robert Monster Hologram A strategic game of War with a twist for people who love robots....or Monsters...or holograms...or all three. *(Has currently earned $4,735 of $10,000) 47% funded 116 $41 03-31 kicktraq
Castle Dukes: Medieval Fun In 3D A visually beautiful 3D castle building game that requires smart purchasing decisions, good planning of structure and stable hands. (Has currently earned $34,544 of $20,000) 172% funded 412 $84 03-31 kicktraq
Crossroads of Heroes Experience the journey of a Wuxia martial artist in this 2-5 players board game. Will you become a hero or an evil scum? (Has currently earned HK$276,923 of HK$200,000) 138% funded 498 HK$556 03-31 kicktraq
Sorcerers' Skirmish - The Elemental Battling Card Game Cast spells, count cards, and outwit your opponents to be the last sorcerer standing in this elemental card game. (Has currently earned $7,628 of $8,000) 95% funded 48 $159 03-31 kicktraq
Tiki Welcome on Manami Island ! iki is a strategic boardgame for 2 players designed by Nicolas Sato and illustrated by Pauline Amelin. (Has currently earned $26,403 of $15,000) 176% funded 581 $45 03-31 kicktraq
Roller Coaster Challenge: Half Logic Game, Half Building Set This is a board game that helps kids develop logical thinking skills while solving fun challenges. Also, there's a roller coaster. (Has currently earned $18,886 of $10,000) 188% funded 405 $47 03-31 kicktraq
Hardwood Storage Solutions / Deck Boxes / D&D / Board Games Double Dice Storage/Rolling Trays, Bit Boxes, Minature Storage, Card Storage for 3600 Double Sleeved Cards, Game Accessories, Mix/Match (Has currently earned $4,074 of $3,000) 135% funded 39 $104 03-31 kicktraq #bling
5ive: King's Court A unique card game for 2-4 Players, up to 6 with expansion. Fast, fun, easy to learn. (Ages 6+, 15min). Assemble your 5ive to rule! (Has currently earned $11,179 of $5,000) 223% funded 320 $35 CAD 03-31 kicktraq
Farlight Space organizations set out to explore and colonize the solar system, in an intrepid new game by King's Forge designer Nick Sibicky. (Has currently earned $27,479 of $15,000) 183% funded 884 $31 03-31 kicktraq
Dungeon Crawler™ ECG, Scenario Packs This is an expansion for our ECG (expandable card game) Dungeon Crawler™ which pits our players against new brutal scenarios! (Has currently earned $4,396 of $3,000) 146% funded 76 $58 CAD 03-31 canceled
The Glass Die Reno Nevada's first board game parlour. Serving beer, wine, coffee, and tea with an expansive board game library in a beautiful space. (Has currently earned $4,408 of $2,000) 220% funded 94 $47 04-01 kicktraq #cafe
Murder Most Foul - Game and Hot Sauce An infinitely replayable murder mystery dinner party game: commit and solve the murder during the game. And "poison" hot sauce! (Has currently earned $4,604 of $500) 920% funded 243 $19 04-01 kicktraq
BaRPiG - The Adventure Party Game The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party (Has currently earned €3,591 of €6,000) 59% funded 151 €24 04-01 kicktraq
Village Attacks An epic 1-4 player co-op game where you play as infamous creatures of folklore, defending your castle from the local villagers! (Has currently earned £305,915 of £72,000) 424% funded 3138 £97 04-02 kicktraq
POWERSHIPS (a future race through our solar system) In 2345 AD hopping to other planets is easy. Challenge 1 to 5 friends for half an hour of speedship racing! (Has currently earned €15,792 of €20,000) 78% funded 291 €54 04-02 kicktraq
Stadium Re-boot! The board is a Stadium! (Has currently earned $2,545 of $35) 7271% funded 50 $51 04-03 kicktraq #take2
Get Off My Land! A game of “Close Quarter Farming” as players compete for limited land and resources. Will you be the most successful farmer? (Has currently earned $25,022 of $48,800) 51% funded 343 $73 CAD 04-03 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
5 Phases 5 Phases is a custom card game for 2-5 players based on the Five Chinese "elements" - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. (Has currently earned $761 of $8,000) 9% funded 27 $28 04-22
18CZ Buy shares of 15 different railway companies in Czechia and build the best railway network. With a special design for 2 players! (Has currently earned €34,382 of €11,000) 312% funded 273 €126 04-19
Aeon's End: War Eternal A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival. (Has currently earned $188,687 of $30,000) 628% funded 1984 $95 04-21 #expansion base game
Bad Words - An 18+ Card Game of Word Guessing Awesomeness A 2-7 player party style game where you try to get the other players to guess your main word without saying the bad words on your cards (Has currently earned $1,769 of $1,000) 176% funded 41 $43 04-23 #take3
Badass Riders Badass Riders is a card game which recreates ruthless races in a devastated world where the only rule is that, there are no rules! (Has currently earned €21,922 of €6,000) 365% funded 1143 €19 04-15
Bloody Monday, Napoleon at the Gates of Moscow The Battle of Borodino, Sept. 7, 1812 was the single bloodiest battle of the Napoelonic Wars. Now you can game it in under three hours. (Has currently earned €12,451 of €8,000) 155% funded 112 €111 04-17
Butchers vs Orcs! A limited edition, hand-crafted 2-player game within a game. By 'The Guild of Good Games' from the Live Role Playing world of Empire (Has currently earned £200 of £10) 2000% funded 15 £13 03-26
Code Zero - Anazi Dynasty Creating new 32mm scifi miniatures for one of the factions of our skirmish game. (Has currently earned $1,725 of $7,500) 23% funded 34 $51 04-20
Colour Chess + Lure - Two games, one colourful board! The feeling of chess, with an added layer of colourful strategy. Lure is a "very interesting.. addictive abstract" game. Easy to learn. (Has currently earned £466 of £3,500) 13% funded 17 £27 04-14
Constellations: The Game of Stargazing and the Night Sky Have fun assembling the night sky by collecting the right stars for each constellation. Use your puzzle skills to maximize your score! (Has currently earned $8,324 of $15,000) 55% funded 183 $45 04-23
D64 - almost an RPG, dice and card game w/only the battles. All the action from tabletop RPG games without the storytelling. Perfect card and dice game when you just want to get to the battle. (Has currently earned $455 of $6,700) 6% funded 5 $91 04-29 #lolwut
Deadball: Baseball With Dice Lightning fast, fun and simple, Smallball uses real stats to bring the ballpark to your tabletop. (Has currently earned $3,449 of $500) 689% funded 163 $21 04-14
Dice Towers - Dinosaurs Exclusive Edition Looking for solution to roll your dice with style? You found it! (Has currently earned $745 of $2,000) 37% funded 14 $53 04-19 #bling
Dicey Peaks A push-your-luck adventure tabletop game for 2-6 players by Scott Almes, featuring a thrilling balance of strategy and luck! (Has currently earned $6,294 of $15,000) 41% funded 200 $31 04-22
DIG - an action-packed push-your-luck card game A family-friendly, action-packed push-your-luck game for 2-4 players, wrapped in beautiful pixel art. (Has currently earned €5,267 of €6,000) 87% funded 170 €31 04-16 #take2
DiverCity DiverCity is a cooperative 1 to 7 players game where you must unite against industries to save the coral reef species from extinction! (Has currently earned $44,218 of $20,000) 221% funded 561 $79 CAD 04-17
Dump the Trump – A card game about lies and deception It's your job to stop Trump from gaining ultimate power. How? By lying to friends and allies, of course. Just like The Donald does. (Has currently earned $4,765 of $10,000) 47% funded 92 $52 04-21
Elemental Conflux, or How to Conquer the World During Lunch Summon powerful monsters, wield devastating magic, crush your enemies and conquer the world in this unique and thrilling card game. (Has currently earned $838 of $15,000) 5% funded 20 $42 04-18
EXCEED Season 2 - A Dueling Card Game The fighting card game EXCEED returns with a new season of original characters set in the stylish, macabre universe of Seventh Cross. (Has currently earned $32,893 of $30,000) 109% funded 344 $96 04-30 #expansionbgg
FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG Core Book + miniatures ENnie-awarded sci-fi tabletop RPG back with revised rules, a detailed setting and a host of new options to alter the course of history! (Has currently earned €29,727 of €41,034) 72% funded 292 €102 04-20 #rpg
FreezeBee Games Exciting dynamic Tabletop games for two players. Choose your team and lead it to victory in FreezeBee Games! (Has currently earned $483 of $6,000) 8% funded 15 $32 04-20 #take2
Havenwood Horror: Nightfall at Camp Havenwood Nightfall at Camp Havenwood is a Co-operative, Survival-Horror themed programming game, set at a summer camp in 1985. (Has currently earned $4,023 of $15,500) 25% funded 57 $71 04-11 #take2
HexBay: X-Wing miniatures storage solution! High quality, 3D printed, interlocking, stackable and future proof cases for your X-Wing collection (Has currently earned $9,872 of $3,600) 274% funded 61 $162 AUD 04-18 #bling
Impulse English 2nd Edition + 2 Expansions The new Carl Chudyk's Impulse 2nd edition and 2 new expansions: All Your Base and Brake for Launch with great design by Zak Eidsvoog. (Has currently earned £17,401 of £10,000) 174% funded 329 £53 04-12 #2.0 1st ed
Magic Animal Fight - phase 1 fight, exploitation, magic.....the start of an animalistic adventure! (Has currently earned €0 of €1,000) 0% funded 0 03-27
Mutant Crops - Quick Worker Placement Tabletop Game In a near future, our crops mutated into carnivorous vegetables. As intrepid farmers, we will tame them for a lucrative business! (Has currently earned $5,452 of $10,000) 54% funded 189 $29 04-20
Noir World Noir World is film noir, powered by the Apocalypse. It's a game of emotion, tragedy, risk, and relationships. (Has currently earned $12,921 of $3,000) 430% funded 434 $30 04-20 #rpg
Paladin Card Protectors - Premium Sleeves for Gamers By Gamers for Gamers: the top quality card protection for your games, at the very best prices and with free shipping worldwide! (Has currently earned $24,017 of $20,000) 120% funded 384 $63 04-13 #bling
Politics with Allies Use deception, power, and good old dirty politics to add value to your ally’s resources in this strategic and tactical diplomatic game. (Has currently earned $57 of $20,000) 0% funded 3 $19 04-25 #hmm
Prince's Gambit Casual Vampire Card Game Maneuver for position in the court of the vampire Prince in this fast-paced, casual card game in the world of Vampire: the Masquerade. (Has currently earned $22,522 of $7,000) 321% funded 809 $28 04-20
Project Airlock Team survival meets social deduction in this space-themed game of sabotage for 3-6 players. (Has currently earned $3,565 of $1,500) 237% funded 86 $41 04-21
Rites of Cthulhu - The Card Game An Unnamable Twist On Traditional Card Play (Has currently earned $2,356 of $1,000) 235% funded 106 $22 04-20
SHATTERED CROWN SHATTERED CROWN is a standalone game using the General Assembly Universal Rules Data System, designed Hero by Design studios. (Has currently earned $929 of $12,300) 7% funded 8 $116 05-05
Smiths of Winterforge A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing, set in the fiery heart of the mysterious Winterforge mountain for 2 to 5 players. (Has currently earned $17,212 of $19,000) 90% funded 270 $64 AUD 04-24 #take2
The Grimm Forest Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else? 2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes (Has currently earned $135,383 of $35,000) 386% funded 2628 $52 04-14
The Iron Crows and other Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril Big noses, boars, beards, bulldog, girls and sausages: 28mm dwarf miniatures at their finest, designed for the most exigent modelers! (Has currently earned €22,173 of €9,000) 246% funded 196 €113 04-24 #minis
The Kirton Gaming Loft Kirton Games wants your help to build the premier South West gaming venue - The Kirton Gaming Loft (Has currently earned £4,424 of £3,500) 126% funded 31 £143 05-04 #cafe
Vikingar: the Conquest of the world – Board game Viking theme Board game for 2-4 players with outstanding Arts and Runes throwing. Where you play as Viking: exploring, fighting... (Has currently earned $24,700 of $55,000) 44% funded 321 $77 CAD 04-19
What the Chess A twist on Chess that introduces new pieces and lets you build your side of the board any way you want. Innovative but tasteful. (Has currently earned $100 of $100,000) 0% funded 2 $50 05-21 #hmm
Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path Martial arts masters secretly train students while the emperor seeks to unite his people in this 60 minute board game for 2-6 players. (Has currently earned $17,200 of $24,000) 71% funded 299 $58 04-24 #take2
XYbrid — A monster-building transparent card game XYbrid is a card-drafting, light strategy game in which players craft monsters in a competition to become the most infamous scientist. (Has currently earned $7,116 of $14,500) 49% funded 184 $39 04-20
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  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
  • #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like trainwrecks. Check 'em out for amusement.
  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
  • Did I miss something? Particularly stuff that might go in the Comments column? Let me know and I'll add it in.
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Teen Who Refused to Nazi Salute in Prom Photo ‘Knew What ... The treatment of Muslims to non Muslims Lady gets unruly on United flight - YouTube Baldi Battle in Undertale Minecraft Ripoffs in Roblox 2 - YouTube GOOD EVENING UNIVERSE -- Sci Fi Adventure Mugen #419: Tsuchigumo Tower

Ananzi Dating - Bad Session

  1. Teen Who Refused to Nazi Salute in Prom Photo ‘Knew What ...
  2. The treatment of Muslims to non Muslims
  3. Lady gets unruly on United flight - YouTube
  4. Baldi Battle in Undertale
  5. Minecraft Ripoffs in Roblox 2 - YouTube
  6. GOOD EVENING UNIVERSE -- Sci Fi Adventure
  7. Mugen #419: Tsuchigumo Tower

The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue A Tsuchigumo is a type of spider demon (referenced in #137). If you're wondering, Ananzi is not different from the Viuda Negra you saw in #121; Viuda's name was changed to Ananzi when The Black ... today we are playing the real minecraft (for real) MERCH ︎ Use star code 'Remainings' when purchasing Robux or BC here! ... The photographer who captured an image of Wisconsin students appearing to give a Nazi salute is insisting he didn't direct them to do so. The shocking photo,... She wouldn't put her growling dog in its carrier, got belligerent with the flight attendant, and assaulted a cop (so we were told). I'm guessing she won't be... Good Evening Universe is a sci-fi adventure about two reporters, Joey and Anna, on the outskirts of the galaxy reporting on the news to the Intergalactic News Network (IGNN). A love letter to the ... Baldi Battle PART 3 HERE: Help IULITM reach 3,000,000 Subscribers! BALDI